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Be passionate about your users safety.


Keep your brand away from hate speech and violence – Because you are passionate about protecting your website visitors

Ensure your users safe journey on your sites and all that you are linking to! At any time, sites you link to, can change ownership and become phishing scams, contain hateful speech or more – Protect your users with a Hate Free Web with EmotiScore. Know your score.

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Protecting users, by detecting issues for their safety and emotional well-being, will become part of your businesses DNA.

  • Phishing Detection

  • Sentiment Scoring

  • Current Server Software

  • Mobile Readiness

  • Link Load Speed

  • Accessibility

  • Hate Speech Detection

  • Broken Links

  • Freshness (blogs etc)

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We have a large blog and often linked to sites that over time changed ownership. It was a headache to keep track if the new content was still a fit for us. Now it's all automated. Awesome!

Sabrina Avalerty, MD

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